Venice Biennale 2023

In the partially abandoned garden of the ancient castle of Belmonte, Calabria, BelMondo Tracks breaths new life into the unused space through light architectural interventions and the creation of interactive sound furniture, encouraging active listening among the residents and the site.

We decided to document this work by capturing the vibrations generated during the revitalisation activities and in their daily life at ‘La Casa,’ the house they built in Belmonte.

Such vibrations have then been transformed into specific musical instruments that perform the soundtrack you hear in the video.

For the Venice Biennale 2023 Italian Pavilion, such tracks have been presented as part of an interactive installation. Visitors are invited to interact with the furnitures of a living room, where the same vibration sensors and algorithm have been applied, creating sounds which are always in tune with the ones produced in the video of BelMondo.

The experiment between Bruno and Orizzontale combines the work of urban and social regeneration underway in the BelMondo project with relational practices and digital tools with a view to playfulness and active listening towards places and between people. At the same time, these explorations make us reflect on the amount of data generated by technologies that are now ubiquitous around us.

Project in partnership with Orizzontale architecture. Music composition by Michele Tadini

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