Post post

The “Post Post” installation reimagines an entire square as a canvas for collective creativity and play. Here, iconic coloured letterboxes becomes vibrant, interactive instruments. Visitors, invited to touch and engage with these boxes, initiate a unique kind of symphony. Each interaction illuminates the postal office facade in vivid colors corresponding to the touched letterbox, weaving a real-time tapestry of light and sound. This innovative setup fosters inedited connections among friends, strangers, and the space itself, sparking spontaneous audible moments that nurture a sense of community, shared creative space, and social interaction.

In our increasingly alienated and polarized world, the need for spaces that encourage us to slow down and truly listen to one another has never been more pressing. Music, with its intrinsic ability to soothe, excite, narrate stories, and unite, becomes a powerful medium in this installation. The act of creating music collectively, a central theme in Bruno’s work, invites participants to cultivate a new habit: deep listening. This encompasses listening to others, attuning to our own inner voices, and being mindful of our movements and their reverberations. Such experiences beckon us to embrace active listening in our everyday lives, fostering a heightened awareness of the people and places that envelop us, and ultimately, enriching our communal and personal spaces with empathy and understanding.

In collaboration with Yuvi Gerstein & Shuli Oded.

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