Audi City Lab

In the beating heart of Milan, Piazza del Quadrilatero transforms into an artistic installation where water gently floods the space, turning it into a liquid mirror. Every step, every movement on the walkway becomes an artistic expression thanks to Bruno Zamborlin’s innovative sensors, which capture and translate human energy into sound waves, creating a musical fabric that lives and breathes with the square, blurring the line between spectator and artwork.

The walkway and the four cars on display become instruments of an urban symphony, responding to the touch and movement of visitors with harmonic sounds, united in a chorus that celebrates community and interaction. The collective dynamics, observed and amplified by the sensors, animate not only the soundscape but also the ring of light that embraces the scene, whose pulse synchronizes with the movement flowing through the square, reflecting on the water. This dialogue between elements invites reflection on the essence of sharing and the evocative power of art in the urban fabric, transforming an everyday moment into an immersive and collective experience.

In collaboration with MAD architects.

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